8th Case Added To Deduction

Happy New Year

       Over the Christmas break I found I had some extra time to work on game development and I have plugging along on a new case for about a month now. I had a long session the other day and managed to complete all the dialogue and object creation portion of the new case and I managed to work methodically and put everything together nicely.

      I am not sure when I will start on the 9th and likely last case for Deduction but it will likely be fairly soon. In the meantime enjoy the update players and please leave a review. I have only one review of Deduction so far and if you really like the game please give it a review to help it out.

    Some more updates to some of the older cases as well as I created some new objects. 

Thank you very much



Deduction_NewCase8_FS.exe 98 MB
Jan 02, 2019
Deduction_NewCase8_WM.exe 98 MB
Jan 02, 2019

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