Fourth Case Added To Deduction

     Today I updated my point and click game Deduction adding a new case. The new case is about William Johnson a heavy drinker is found dead in a strangers backyard. Did he just stumble there and die or was foul play to blame for his death.

    Like the other cases detective Phillips must search for clues and interview suspects / witnesses to unravel the truth. So once you have your theory you just click the handcuff icon and the judge will either tear your theory to bits or give you the thumbs up for figuring out the case.

   I made some improvements to the game as some of HUD objects were a bit sluggish. Going forward I am not sure if more cases will be added to the game. The game has 4 unique cases to test your wits. 


Deduction_NewCase-Default-Fullscreen.exe 50 MB
Feb 14, 2018
Deduction_NewCase-Default-Windowed.exe 50 MB
Feb 14, 2018

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