Deduction get's 5th case

In celebration of Halloween I have added another case to my point and click game Deduction. The new case you are asked to solve the mystery of John Adams.  He recently moved into the old haunted house in the village. You must navigate Detective Phillips through the dark haunted house searching for clues. Interview witnesses  and try to unravel the mystery. 

The new case brings the total cases to 5. It is likely that I will add more cases to the game in the future if there is interest. I would like to thank those that have shown support to my games in the last year.  The best thing anybody can do for an indie developer is to spread the word about the games or leave a review.

Thanks Andy


Deduction_NewCase5_WM.exe 63 MB
Nov 01, 2018
Deduction_NewCase5_FS.exe 63 MB
Nov 01, 2018

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