A-mazing Ants is a strategy maze game in which your goal is to defeat your enemy and reach the finish line. That is much more difficult as it seems as there is always  a lot of enemy ants blocking the way so you must use strategy in order to get through the wall of ants. 

  You can place tunnel blocks strategically to prevent ants from blocking your way or use brute force to run through them. Each time you fail you are sent back to the start point and start again. That also means the enemy can build more numbers and make it much harder to reach the finish.

    On all the mazes are launchers that continually produce more ants. Protecting your allied launchers will help you take control of the maze while destroying the enemies launchers will allow you to out number the enemy. 

   There are different types of ants all will different abilities and strengths and it's up to you to figure out strategies to overcome these variables.

  The two player option in the game are the same as single player but now you must reach the finish before the other player. The finish line is only open though after you kill the enemies queen ant.

A-mazing Ants is a huge game with many features including....

225 single player mazes

-125 Black Ant Story - The red ants have arrived in your backyard and you must lead the black ants to victory over them. Defend your allies then destroy the enemy.

-100 Red Ant Story - A black bear has destroyed your home and you must rebuild a new home. You must raid the black ants to get slaves and then fight off the hill ants who plan to destroy you.

29 two player mazes - 2 players side by side can play against one another on these mazes. You must defeat your enemy by killing their queen ant.

8 mini games mazes - Just some fun mazes with some different options like slug fest and item gathering.

Full level editor called Maze Maker - A very nice feature where you can build your own mazes with simple point and click.

Great soundtrack - Very good music with a great retro feel

HTML Demos Here and Here

The games homepage is Here

Indie DB page Here

Windows PC

Minimum System Requirements : Windows XP, 512 MB RAM, Direct X 8 or higher. It is recommended that you close all other programs while installing the game

Simply run the easy to run installer and the game will install easily.

Controls keyboard, joystick or numerical keypad

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorBelow Zero Games
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, ants, GameMaker, maze, Retro
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