A-mazing Ants Controls Update

The 2 player option was not the huge meat and potatoes of A-mazing Ants but a little sub game. It though has become apparent it is the most popular part of the game in our household. 

We've been playing A-mazing Ants on the smart TV evenings taking turns with my youngest daughter preferring the wireless keyboard and my oldest preferring the wireless controller. So after playing the black ants a few nights in the row my daughter wanted to switch to play the red ants and the game didn't have an option for the red ant to play using the arrow keys on the wireless keyboard.

So this update I added a button on the 2 player start screen that allows the player to toggle the red ant player to keyboard and swap the black ant to controller 1. The default configuration is Red Ant controller 1 and Black Ant Controller 2. So anyone with only one game controller can play either side. 

It's a small update but we will continue to want to add new mazes and further balance tweaks to the game to keep the nightly tournaments interesting. 


A-mazing Ants_C.exe 247 MB
Jan 26, 2020

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