This game is created for Ludum Dare 46 under the theme Keep It Alive. In this game you must keep a social media troll alive by replying to his posts to give him the attention he needs to keep his account alive. 

There are three reply options scorn which is a telling the troll off from a superior point of view, agree with OP to annoy the troll and retort which is a direct retort comment directed back at the troll. 

The game centers around current events from a Canadian perspective.


PleaseFeedMyTroll.exe 12 MB

Install instructions

Run Installer and follow simple directions

Development log


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lol very clever. So many relatable situations, dealing with trolls like this. Love that u made it topical too. 

Don't forget to take breaks when the trolls are too much 🤣


Thanks Jenni for trying the game , glad it gave you a chuckle :)