Ludum Dare 46 Entry

Good Morning

It has been 10 long Ludum Dare's ago when I entered my last entry in this game jam. Today's entry Please Feed My Troll is a little game about social media trolling. Keeping with the theme "Keep It Alive" the idea of this game is to keep the mythical online troll alive by feeding him. Which usually means replying to his posts. You will have 3 options to reply either with a "Scorn" which is telling the troll off. An "Agree" is another tactic where you agree with an opening post which the troll is not fond of. And finally there's  "Retort" which is throwing an insult or comment back at the troll.

The dialogue focuses on current events from a Canadian perspective so many of the references might be unfamiliar to folks in other countries. I tried to keep it free of swearing and extreme levels of trolls sticking more to typical tropes. 

I have not entered Ludum Dare in quite some time so I hope my rust doesn't show too much. 

Thanks Andy


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Apr 20, 2020

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