Gavin's Quest AI update

     The pandemic has been dragging on for a year and I have not had the motivation to start a new game development project.  So I decided I wanted to play through my game Gavin's Quest. I haven't played through the game in a couple years and I wanted to take a fresh look at it. It's kind of funny as I could not remember a couple of the rune puzzles even though I made the game myself. 

      During my playthrough I just took a longer look at the AI of the orcish creatures and I really wanted to improve it a bit as I wanted to make them smarter. So I spent a few days just tweaking the orcs. A much more methodical approach. I was able to make them engage a little better and orchish archers will flee from you then turn and shoot when they get some distance.  

   During the play through I spotted a couple bugs as well that needed addressing so these were fixed.   The game is a bit tougher for sure with the improved AI but the game is still beatable as I was able to complete it . I just died a few more times and had to use my mana and arrows a little more carefully. 2 new builds for the game one full screen and one windowed version have been added for download. 

   I have put the game on sale until the end of May so please stop by and support this project. 


Gavin's_Quest_WN2021.exe 147 MB
Apr 17, 2021
Gavin's_Quest_FS2021.exe 148 MB
Apr 17, 2021

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