A downloadable game for Windows

All You Need Is Love is a game made for Ludum Dare 32. The theme this time was Unconvential Weapon and I figured love was pretty unconventional.

The object of the game is pretty simple you must shoot love at the sad and angry faces and convert them to happy. Of course they don't really want to be happy and shoot sadness and and hate at you.

The more hate that hits your empathy drops which makes it harder for you to shoot love. And the more tears that hit you increases your empathy but drops your happiness. Be warned once your happiness drops to 0 you are done.

After converting one go give them a hug and collect your love. There is 100 love available to be collected. How good are you ?


AllYouNeedIsLove-Default- 6 MB

Install instructions

Run the simple installer and everything will automatically set up for you.